Domeyer protective clothing

Domeyer protective clothing

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The white-label cloud enables rapid inventory via NFC and directly allocates the appropriate inspection sheet to the inventoried products.

In practice, it can be time-consuming to manually record the required protective clothing and to have the correct inspection sheet at hand. Our white label cloud solves this problem by using NFC inventory labels and inventory/audit software.

In cooperation with Domeyer, an intelligent inventory process has been created which assigns a suitable inspection sheet to the respective product. During the inspection, this sheet provides the appropriate questions for the equipment at hand and records the result digitally.  After completing the test, the report is assigned to the product in the backend and can be used for documentation purposes at any time.
The user rights system integrated in the cloud allows the assignment of rights to the created user roles (admin, manager, regional manager, etc) in order to efficiently distribute the associated workflows.

The white-label cloud supports the user in fulfilling his service and takes into account the high safety requirements for the respective testing process of protective clothing.

We are at your disposal

We are at your disposal

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Intelligent digitization solutions for NFC-based inventory with additional maintenance and testing processes.

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NFC-Smart refers to all products developed by NFC21 that use NFC to make a predefined application as easy as possible.

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At the beginning of an NFC project there is the programming of the NFC tag. Our software solutions make this process easy and uncomplicated

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