NFC21 develops prototypes for interactive NFC-based trade fair solutions with UDE

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NFC21 develops prototypes for interactive NFC-based trade fair solutions with UDE

Mülheim, 23.11.2021

In cooperation with the Chair of Interactive Systems at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), NFC21 GmbH (NFC21) has developed a concept and a platform for the realization of interactive NFC-based trade fair booths. The aim of the FairWays research project, which is funded by EFRE.NRW, is to increase the sustainability and effectiveness of trade fairs. The NFC technology used in the exchange of information at the trade fair stand improves the customer experience and the prototypes developed in the project offer a customizable modular system for wide-ranging applications.

Giving customers digital opportunities at your exhibition booth to engage with the products and the company, and thus making the customer experience as attractive as possible - this is the approach taken by the concept developed by NFC21, which uses NFC technology to prepare, design and link information for visitors. Paperless, digital and thus also sustainable and effective - this innovative form of exchanging information replaces so far popular distributed print products as catalogs, brochures and flyers.

How NFC technology enhances the customer experience

FairWays gives trade show visitors the opportunity to digitally "collect" information and digitally deposit it on a physical NFC product such as a wristband, card or tag. This takes place through a short simple scan at one of the scanning stations. The exhibitor, in turn, uses FairWays with its scan points to thus create interaction at their booth. The scan stations are designed as modular building blocks so that, depending on the exhibitor's intention, they can cover all possible customer scenarios from pure information provision to interactive games to individually designed courses. In this way, customers linger longer at the respective trade show booths and engage with the content in a wide variety of ways.

Developed prototypes offer promising application possibilities

As part of the project, a prototype system was developed in the project network to validate the designed scenarios. Supported by the proven expertise in user-centered development of the Chair of Interactive Systems, NFC21 succeeded in developing functional, powerful and flexible prototypes that can map and implement the wishes of exhibitors and customers. Both hardware, such as scanning and registration stations, and software are expandable and represent a modular system. In addition, an innovative solution was developed in FairWays by the project partner Interactive Systems, which significantly enhances the customer experience through the use of augmented reality with integrated product recommendation and comparison functions.

"We plan to further develop the concept and software modules based on the FairWays prototypes. Our idea of a quickly deployable modular system for interactive trade fair solutions should make it possible to offer this NFC-based trade fair stand design affordably to SMEs in the future."

Werner Gaulke, CTO of NFC21 GmbH

About NFC21 GmbH

NFC21 offers NFC-based solutions from a single source and is one of the leading providers of NFC products and software solutions thanks to this holistic corporate approach. Both areas go hand in hand in order to be able to accompany projects in every phase.

The online store offers a wide range of NFC products with high availability and fast delivery times up to individually manufactured products, complemented by personal consulting for product identification. Complementary, NFC21 develops and operates web-based software solutions that use NFC to realize intelligent value-added services.

For more information on NFC smart products and services, visit and

About Fairways

FairWays focuses on the design and testing of components for interactive trade fair presentations. As part of the project, which is funded by the European Union and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the partners are working on developing a platform for designing experience-oriented trade fair presentations.

UDE-Chair Interactive Systems

The Interactive Systems group at the University of Duisburg-Essen conducts research in the areas of human-computer interaction (HCI) and interactive technologies with the goal of creating highly usable, entertaining, and smart forms of interaction with digital media and products. The group takes an interdisciplinary approach in close cooperation with academic and industrial partners and is led by Professor Jürgen Ziegler, who holds the Chair of Interactive Systems and Interaction Design at the Institute of Computer Science and Applied Cognitive Science.

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