Product Images

Product Images

Below, you find selected product images. Feel free to contact us in case you need different images by writing us (

Each image can be downloaded individually or as a complete package here:

NFC-Set example:
NFC PVC card, NFC magnet, NFC sticker, NFC wristband

NFC-Cube with 9 NFC stickers in colour



NFC-Sticker, NTAG 213

NFC-Sticker, transparent, NTAG 213

NFC-Sticker FPC On-Metal, different sizes

DOGTAP - the digital dog tap

The digital Dogtap, Solid (bone), Light in small (green) und big (lilac)

The digital Dogtap, functionality

The digital Dogtap, platform display

NFC-vCARD - the digital business card

NFC-vCard, usage

NFC-vCard, functionality

NFC-vCard, the digital business card, Social-vCard, the digital card for social media accounts

BAGTAP - the digital luggage label

Bagtap, the digital luggage label,  silicone

Bagtap, the digital luggage label, functionality

Bagtap, the digital luggage label, usage

NFC-Vibes - the digital canvas

NFC-Vibes, the digital canvas, platform display

NFC-Vibes, the digital canvas, functionality

NFC-Vibes, the digital canvas, usage example

We are at your disposal

We are at your disposal

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Intelligent digitization solutions for NFC-based inventory with additional maintenance and testing processes.

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NFC-Smart refers to all products developed by NFC21 that use NFC to make a predefined application as easy as possible.

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At the beginning of an NFC project there is the programming of the NFC tag. Our software solutions make this process easy and uncomplicated

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With NFC21-Solutions we support your ideas based on NFC. Profit from our experience and create your desired solution together with us.

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