Deutsche Telekom @ IFA

Deutsche Telekom @ Internationale Funkausstellung

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Playful exploration of Deutsche Telekom's trade fair stand while collecting individualized product information.

The Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin is one of the most well-known and largest trade fairs in Germany and is the annual meeting place for presenting new and innovative products to consumers. Deutsche Telekom uses the IFA to provide a broad insight into the company's diverse product range. In line with the company's extensive portfolio, the range of products on offer is spread across the entire hall 21a and the associated outdoor area. With the help of fairways, visitors were to be given product highlights and an individual collection of information to take home with them.

As a basis, the visitor receives a passive NFC product (in this case an NFC wristband), which he registers with his name at so-called welcome stations. He can then explore the area and scan the desired exhibits to obtain detailed product information. For this purpose, the exhibits have a tablet that presents information about the product and an NFC reader that scans the user's wristband and thus links the information to the user's digital shopping cart. An overview map shows a visualization of the topics already visited and those still available, thus enabling visitors to explore the trade fair stand in a targeted manner and to take advantage of the full range of information that is offered. In addition, the integration of playful elements (e.g. points for participation in games and scans) was used to create a competition.

In summary, FairWays was used by Deutsche Telekom at the IFA to realize the vision of a paperless trade fair stand that allows visitors to compile customized information and at the same time communicates the wealth of information on offer. The NFC wristband provides visitors with a digital giveaway that allows the content to be retrieved even after the event, thus creating an additional benefit.

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